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  • Wheeled
    Wheeled Spider-Wheeled
    working altitude23m-48m
    carrying capacity200kg
    Product Parameter
    Max working Hight23m26m30m36m43m48m53.3m
    Max platform Height21m24m28m34m41m46m51.3m
    Loading Capacity200kgs
    Lateral outreach   at200kg10m12m12m14.3m15m18m16.5m
    Rotation of work cage180 0
    Jib rotation180 0
    Overall Stowed Length6.5m6.8m7.7m8.47m8.55m8.7m8.51m
    Overall Stowed Width0.92m0.92m0.92m0.92m1.5m1.5m1.5m
    Overall Stowed Height2m2m2m2m2.3m2.3m2.3m
    Size of Platform 1.2×0.8×1.1m1.8×0.8×1.1m
    Driving Speed0-1.5m/h0-2m/h
    Max Climbing Ablility 30%
    Working Slope20%
    Turntable rotation3600 non continuous
    Total Weight4320kg5950kg6390kg7380kg11200kg13950kg15000kg
    Standard Power sourceElectric Motor+Diesel engine(Kubota)电动机+柴油机(久保田)

    product details

    Standard Features

    ►HMI and redundant PLC controller made Germany

    ►Self-leveling basket, and detachable

    ►Outriggers manual leveling, automatically as optional

    ►230v(110) 50Hz 16A outlet in the work platform

    ►Hydraulically arms and outrigger interlock

    Made of high tensile steel, hot dip galvanized boom available

    Cable remote control, radio control as optional

    ►Reach standard of ISO, CE and ANSI

    application scenarios
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